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Please include the word seed in the subject. Find out why your great-grandparents are relevant to modern life. South African Journeys is one sterling example of the authors writing style. Her diverse characters include spouses who dont treat each other as disposable commodities and her books feature marriages that are regarded as permanent commitments, not temporary situations. Send us a note with a brief description and well get in touch. The story begins as the foursome, on the brink of adulthood, rejoices at their final reunion in Lithuania before marrying. The heroes and heroines of the authors books are creative, considerate and honest throughout their ordeals and victories. The list of challenges are familiar and believable: a deceitful shidduch made between an unsuspecting bat Torah and a foolish young man; Jews who resist acknowledging the obvious advent of the Holocaust; opportunists preying on bedraggled Jews leaving post-Shoah detention. And the fourth friend records the last days of pre-Holocaust Europe, portraying the innocent but tragic denial tactics of many of Hitlers intended victims. The books disparate characters and familiar historical figures are compelling throughout this fictional tale. Ill be in Incredible India next week. Gita Gordons well-structured, interesting historic fiction contains the building blocks of a decent society. Also, if youre an Israeli tech startup pre-launch wed love to chat with you. Id love to hear from Israeli entrepreneurs doing business in India in one way or another please contact me at eze at vccafe dot com. Half the foursome make their lives in Canadas to-be tamed prairie, proving to skeptical husbands and others that the impossible dream of becoming Jewish farmers can be achieved with love, devotion and good sense. Title: Scattered Blossoms, author: Gita Gordon, publisher: Hamodia Publishing. Genuine friendship and its life-altering rewards are exemplified on its pages. Generation gaps between European parents and their English-speaking offspring round out the emotional roller-coasters in Scattered Blossoms. A realistic tale of betrayal, foolishness, Scattered Blossoms is about four 16-year-old young women whose friendship expresses itself in marvelous ways for the seven decades of the tale. South Africa, England, Canada and war-torn Lithuania are then experienced by the reader as much as by the storys characters during a journey of immigrant Jewish minds and bodies. Outstanding models of good character with an enduring love of Torah, the heroic quartet of friends meet challenges with each others help. The third friend in South Africa proves the invaluable worth of tact and enduring love as she enables her friends in Canada and Europe to survive and thrive against great odds. Relationships and catastrophes in this riveting tale are proving grounds for how thoughtful, well-timed behavior can result in richly rewarding lives for all concerned. Scattered Blossoms is Gita Gordons newest work, and follows in the same tradition.